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On Aug 7, 2013, I have finished updating the site with recent contributions. See Contributers page under the Other Information menu, starting with item 10 in the list. Highlights include Sergt Thomas Barrere's photo (see below), Lt Edward Scott's account of his escape from Libby Prison (see POW Accounts menu) and Private Lemuel Gain's complete pension file (see Other Information menu). These files are pdf and the pension file is 20 MB. My sincere thanks to all!

This site is dedicated to the soldiers of the 89th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. My interest in the regiment began when I learned that a relative, a great-great-great uncle, Joab Hart, was in Co A.

My goal is to publish as much public domain primary source material as I can and identify private collections. This is an on-going project and I will be making changes and additions as I gather more material. The major topics are listed below:

Brief History: Introduction to the regiment including maps of Ohio identifying its home counties

Main Narrative: Over 250 wartime letters, articles, and diary entries organized in chronological order to present a contemporary account of the regiment's service

Sergt Jesse McClave's Diary: Covers the war-time periods of Oct and Nov 1862, Feb through Dec 1863 (daily entries Feb through Sep), Jan and Feb 1864, and Jun 1865. McClave was wounded in the shoulder at Chickamauga and did not return to active service until Feb 64. He did not begin his diary again until Jun 65.

Roster: Complete roster of the regiment

Prisoner of War Accounts: Wartime letters and articles describing the experiences of the soldiers when they were prisoners of war

Post-War Writings: Account of Chickamauga campaign by the regiment's commander - Col Caleb Carlton, his military biography, and excerpts from Captain Joseph Foraker's autobiography

Images: Collection of photos, artifacts, drawings, gravestones, and patriotic line art from the soldiers' letters

Sergeant Thomas J. Barrere

Sergeant Thomas J. Barrere, Co. A
(photo courtesy of Richard Barrere)

Other Information: Contains interesting accounts from the soldiers' pension records, list of sources that make up the letters/writings in the narrative, materials contributed by visitors to this site, and mention of Sergt Jacob Shively's diary

Book Details: How to buy 89th Ohio Volunteer Infantry: Sacrifice at Chickamauga, the book I co-authored with Bryan Weaver

If you have any material relating to the 89th Ohio to contribute to this site, please contact me.

I can also provide some assistance in researching your Ohio Civil War ancestor. I have the multi-volume "Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the War of Rebellion, 1861-1866" and Whitelaw Reid's "Ohio in the War." The rosters are by regiment so you would need to provide a name and regiment. The index is at the Ohio Historical Center. Reid's work provides a short history of the regiment's service.

Enjoy your visit!  Lee Fenner